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사랑하는 사람 만나서 부푼 꿈 안고 결혼했는데 결혼해 보니까 결혼생활이 이렇게 힘들 줄 몰랐죠?

Everyone else's successes come before yours. They get all the credit while you wonder, "When will it be my turn?"

Hi, I'm Dr. Elena Kim, and I am a therapist who specializes in people-pleasing.

Having your own dreams and desires for your life does not mean you are greedy or selfish.

Rather, it means that you are ready to grow, to stretch, to go outside of your comfort zone to see what else is out there.

But first, you have to get clear on what you want and why.

When confidence comes from within, people will naturally gravitate towards you because they'll want to know, "What's your secret?"

You may experience some initial discomfort, but putting yourself first will actually cause more people to like you in the long run, because your energy will be infectious!

If you have desires in your heart that you want to become a reality, call for your free 15-minute phone consultation today!

"결혼을 하면 누구나 갈등을 겪게 된다.

결혼은 행복이 아니라 성숙의 한 과정이다. "

- 박성덕

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